Here You can see how to operate the Aqua Cow Rise System.  Please follow the process step by step!


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How to operate the Aqua Cow Rise System

Aqua Cow Rise System

When operating the Aqua Cow Rise System, it is very important be very patient.  Therefore we recommend to follow following step to rise a cow.  


Place the rubber mat

Place the rubber mat next to the cow.


Roll the cow into the rubber mat

Roll the cow into the rubber mat. (Is the cow inaccessible for the mat, use the optional mobile cow stretcher to maneuver the cow out of close areas ).


Place the AQUA COW

Place the AQUA COW in front of the down cow, placing the ramp at the end nearest the cow’s head.


Release the trailer

To release the trailer from the AQUA COW remove the two hair pins then pull out the two lock pins. Make sure the tongue is held down while pulling out the pins.


Place the trailer

Place the trailer in the stores position.



Remove the end doors.


Pull the mat

With a tractor or truck, pull the mat with the cow on it, into the AQUA COW. Be sure the mat is traight with the tank, so it will pull more easily.


Replace both end doors

Replace both end doors to make a water-tight, sealed tank.


Reposition the trailer down

Reposition the trailer down. Because of the cow’s weight, two people are needed to pull the trailer tongue into position. Insert the lock pins and hair pins.


Move the AQUA COW

Move the AQUA COW to a spot accessible to warm water and where the ground is level and soft. The cow must have extremely good footing when exiting the tank so she does not slip or do the splits.


Reposition the trailer

Reposition the trailer to the stored position. Again two people are required to hold down the tongue when pulling out the pins.


Put a halter around the cow’s head

Put a halter around the cow’s head to assist her in keeping her head above water while filling the tank.


Fill the tank

Fill the tank with warm water to about the cow’s hips. The warm water will help the muscles and increase blood circulation.


Let the cow stay

Let the cow stay in the warm water for 6-7 hours.


If she goes down

If she goes down with the water finish draining the water and leave her inside the tank for another 4 hours or so. Feed her in the tank before filling the tank with warm water.


Before allowing

Before allowing the cow to exit the tank, take the back door off and milk her, if necessary. Replace back door when finished milking.


The cow’s exit must be very slow

The cow’s exit must be very slow and controlled. Remove the front door and let her slowly walk out.

VERY IMPORTANT:  Do not rush!   Be patient!

This is not a quick proces. Some cows need more than one lift. Always pick up the cow as soon as possible after she goes down, to prevent stiffness in her muscles or injury to herself by thrashing around.

This system has been used in Denmark since 1982, and now sold all over the world. Water capasity is 3000 liters.

To rejust her full weight, the cow should stand at least a half hour before walking out.

Remove the front door and use it as a barrier, backing it off slowly. Be careful. A belly flop may be your fault.

Once her front feet are outside, take the door away and let her come on her own.

Exercise will accelerate her recovery. Be sure she’s back to full strength before putting her through the parlor or back on cement.


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